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From March 2022

Steam Cleaning


Monday 9.30am-4pm 
Tuesday - Closed
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Present Circumstances - COVID 19 

With regards to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) our priority here at Barkers of Bath in these very challenging times is the safety of all our customers and staff. We therefore feel that it is important to reassure everybody that Barkers of Bath are following the precautions and guidelines set out by the government and Public Health England.

We are working hard to ensure that our shop remains a safe environment at all times. We are regularly cleaning our shop surfaces and door handles with anti-bacterial solutions and encourage the use of contactless payments where possible. We are all regularly washing our hands. 

We will remain open for as long as we are able to, continuing to welcome everybody in as normal a way as possible. If, however you prefer to stay at home or indeed having to remain at home our services are still available through our van on a collection and delivery basis. 

We use perchloroethylene solvent to dry clean your garments which is a traditional and long used solvent that we have always believed to kill all known germs and bacteria. We would advise that when washing at home wherever possible launder at temperatures above 40 degrees, preferably 50 degrees. 30 degrees and anti-bacterial detergents cannot be assured of killing germs. 

Please do call 01225 311595 if you need any of our services. 




Dry Cleaning 

We focus on providing an exemplary dry cleaning and laundry service to Bath since 1975. 

Our aim has always been to care for your clothes, we understand fabrics and how to protect, clean and care for them. 

Dry cleaning is essential to clean some items such as suits, curtains and formal wear - wedding dresses, evening gowns, vintage clothes and uniforms.

Vintage and Military

We have a huge amount of experience cleaning and caring for vintage clothes and uniforms. Due to their age fabrics can become very fragile and embellishments such as brass buttons can become damaged during the cleaning process.

We understand how different fabrics respond to various cleaning techniques and approach every item individually.

Some are too delicate to withstand the regular dry cleaning process so do bring your item to our shop so we can discuss how we can help you best care for your clothes and help store and preserve them for the future. 


Washing and pressing shirts is a large part of the laundry service that we provide but we can also provide a high quality hand finished laundry service.

Hand finished laundry is essential for delicate linens and cottons where extra care is needed to treat stains effectively while also ensuring that the fabric isn’t 

damaged in any way. 

Wedding dresses and formal wear

While some items like wedding dresses are likely only to be worn once others only get an occasional outing like evening dresses or tuxedos. The fabric used to create these garments are usually particularly delicate and expensive materials.

They often have extremely sentimental value and so its essential that you can know that your formal wear is cared for carefully and is returned to you packaged and ready for storage. 



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